India Bound

Sunrise at 5.30 am Sunset at 7.05 pm

Location: Mussoorie and Delhi, India

Engaging in wild acts of exploration and inquisition.

Monday, July 10, 2006

So, I dunno, these pictures are pretty and everything, a really "like, woah, there's a lot of crazy/beautiful shit in India," but beyond that I hardly take pictures of myself so I hope everyone likes calendar pictures....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly Bird you're a good photographer..the scenery itself is just amazing..i can imagine the smells and sounds and feelings that might go along with such powerful imagery... are those women placing candles into the river? the reverence these people have and their sense of holiness and Spirit must be truly inspiring (when you aren't barfing) love you, emily

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

allooO! mama wendy and I have been throughly enjoying your mystical really takes you along for the ride.Cant wait to see&
to hear more.We are so glad you are smiling in awe and gleeee...In your honor we ate some tasty
gobbi aloo and bahgnan bharta today.oh and mango lassis.
all of our love always sent to you
keep on movin'...go with all yo heart

8:12 AM  

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