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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eating on the Street

There is a definite art to vegetable arrangement here, and I think farmer's markets in the States could really learn a thing or two. Most of the time I haven't a clue what half the vegetables here are, but I started an experiment of buying the strangest looking ones, steaming them and eating them with soy sauce to see if I could recognize their taste. So far have eaten pumkiny looking things, various root vegetables and odd looking squashes as well as several leafy looking things that I suppose were in the spinach family.

And of course, what a better place for a locksmith to be...Also the papaya stand in front of our house - I've only just recently perfected how to tell when a papaya is ripe. But man, they are sososo good and your knife just cuts through them like butter.

There are amazing fruit juices here, but its always sort of a gamble to drink juice at them - I'm pretty sure that one time it was fresh pomegranite juice lead to my demise. Another delicious, but fried as usual, street snack are pani puri - which are puffed up fried balls that you poke a hole in a stuff with spiced potato and chickpeas and then you sort of float the ball in a salty flavored water with sweet chutney and drink/eat the whole thing. Sort of hard to describe, but this is a pani puri stand that is in front of our house.


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