India Bound

Sunrise at 5.30 am Sunset at 7.05 pm

Location: Mussoorie and Delhi, India

Engaging in wild acts of exploration and inquisition.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I took a walk down my street, digital camera in hand, and elliciting many stares and a great amount of enthusiasm from the fruit vendors who all wanted their photo taken, I took a few pictures of what an afternoon on Kingsway Camp Road, North Delhi looks like.

Everything happens in the streets of India - a close shave and a haircut, fruit and vegetable sales, sleeping men and children, cows wandering here and there, and most of all there are the food vendors selling fried everything. My favorite are the barbequed corn stands where for 5 rupees you get a charred piece of corn with salt and lemon - so tasty!


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