India Bound

Sunrise at 5.30 am Sunset at 7.05 pm

Location: Mussoorie and Delhi, India

Engaging in wild acts of exploration and inquisition.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is the neighborhood's Gudwara...and a cow eating trash, which is one of their favorite things to do - that and wander into the street and block traffic, or try to get inside of shops or lay down in the most inconvenient place possible

The Sehgal family who live above us have become our surrogate Indian family, and every moment when they aren't doing their homework we have Vibhu and Vasu, the twin 9-year-old boys doing cartwheels around our flat. They are really smart little tykes and have a wicked sense of humor and I have to say that after having an exausting day in the Delhi heat it is really nice to come home and wrestle with them a bit. This is also a picture of the Ekda brushing her daughter, Pranshu's hair. Having very short hair, I don't think most Indian men view me as a woman, which means I am "accidentally grabbed" half as much as girls with long hair.


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